Art–The Importance of It

I saw two movies last weekend–Woody Allen’s: “Midnight in Paris” and Werner Herzog’s “In The Cave of Lost Dreams”. They made the same point; human beings have an intense, almost obsessive need to make a pattern of or gain an insight into the lives they have lived, and by an act of the imagination (whether something is autobiographical or not is irrelevant), they create a work of art.
As far as I can see, from my experience (which includes more than a quarter of a century teaching Creative Writing plus my own works of art), this is in everyone if you can loosen them up to do it.

As many people know who may be reading this blog, I teach “communities of writers” as opposed to “systems of competing egos”. The results are that I produce groups of people who are doing extraordinary work–each on an individual basis. No one is competing with anyone else, and occasionally, one of my classes levitates on the sheer energy of what is happening. This is very exciting.

I am a person who believes in art and loves it and hates the “business of art”.
People make art for different reasons; some people are saving their souls.
I decided to give “Suck The Juice Out Of Every Moment” away to the universe, to whoever wanted it. It is free. All you have to do is download it. But is it art? Not really. It’s more a life philosophy book, but there’s art in it, and you can go to my other website: by means of the link if you want, and it will tell you about my art.

It’s extremely important that people find a way of expressing themselves–writing, the visual arts, dance, music, the culinary arts, carpentry–whatever grabs you. Bye.


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