Joy Therapy–One

So–I’ve been promising a few people Joy Therapy as part of “Suck The Juice” for awhile now.

Suppose you wake up in the morning, and you’re not feeling great about everything. Decide what it is you might want to get out of the day, do some form of self-hypnosis or meditation–this is almost mandatory to get results–or even just sit there in your chair, close your eyes and visualize what you would like to get done or how you would like to feel. One suggestion I use is:
“You will feel happier and happier as you open the door, close it, step outside, put your key in your ignition, say hello to the first person you see, look at a flower or a tree, start your car, etc.” The idea is that everything you do–however small it is–will change your mood. We were trained in hypnosis training to call ourselves “you”, but if you prefer, call yourself “I”. Then go someplace where people are having terrific conversations and laughing a lot. Berkeley has The Homemade Cafe and perhaps other places as well.

The point is you can remarkably turn things around to an amazing extent. Use the power of self-suggestion. Seek laughter wherever possible. Laughter is always out there somewhere. Find the people who can bring it to you. And suck the juice no matter what is happening. What can I learn from this moment that will make my life easier or more rewarding is a good question.
Wherever you are and whatever you are doing, have a great day! Try to get one tiny thing done!


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