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Mary H. Webb is the author of two published novels, Dark Roads (under the pseudonym Leah Ross), a novel set during the Civil Rights Movement in the deep south and The God Hustlers, a novel that explores religious cults and the nature of evil.

Mary writes with an “in your face” idealism that simultaneously challenges the reader to confront some of the world’s worst flaws and dare to imagine that something better is not only possible but actually inevitable! For those who venture to accompany her, Webb offers much more than a tour of exotic sociopolitical landscapes and philosophical terrain. She serves as the guide on an intellectual, spiritual and emotional journey from which it is impossible to return unchanged.

Mary has also written a number of plays that have been produced in Berkeley, California by the Living Room Theatre. These include The Incest Project and Artaud and His Double. The Polaris Theatre in New York presented a staged reading of her play, Playing for Keeps. The Kennedy Center presented a reading of her play Arguing About Every Single Thing, as part of their Page to Stage festival.

Upcoming projects include a documentary about Mary’s Dialogues on Racism group that she started many years ago (it continues to thrive) and a new novella, Glinda The Good: A Tale of Four Lovers.

Mary also conducts a variety of creative writing workshops in Berkeley as well as around the country at writing conferences.

Mary has lived a fascinating life that has included a variety of adventures. She started the first African-American dance troupe in Gainesville, Florida (which continues to this day) at a time when all that was available were ‘whites only’ dance schools. In addition, she traveled the world with her ten-year old son, hitchhiking and backpacking through Europe, the Mediterranean, and North and West Africa (described in her novel, Shadows On Another Staircase.)

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